11 days of Christmas: appetizers and finger food

It’s really not a challenge to make 11 appetizer dishes between now and Christmas day. They’re a list of recommendations to so that you can have a starting point for choosing what may be the best and most appropriate appetizers you can prepare for those holiday parties. We’ve enjoyed all these dishes in the past, we didn’t necessarily serve them as appetizers or finger food (some of these, we made just on a whim), but they are all great for pica-pica either while waiting for dinner to be served or as accompaniment for cocktail drinks. You can even serve them as snacks, actually.

Just click on each image to view the accompanying recipe.

Laura’s baked oysters a la Rockefeller
Pearl balls
Baked mussels with lemon-garlic sauce
Thai pandan-wrapped chicken (gai ob bai toey)
Cheese-stuffed peppers a la chili relleno
Pepperoni and cheese stuffed bread rolls
Sweet and tangy pork, water spinach (kangkong) and pineapple spring rolls
Spinach and cream cheese dumplings
Mozzarella stuffed deep fried mashed potato balls
Rj’s bacon-wrapped siomai
Turon (banana spring rolls) stuffed with bacon and cheese

If these eleven small bites items are not enough to choose from, browse the entire small bites archive for more ideas.

  • doubles

    Thank you. These recipes would be of great help during the 12 days of Christmas (Dec 25 – Jan. 5).

  • Sharon O

    These are all so impressive and yummy-looking, Mrs V! I tell you you’re lucky that I’m not a guest of yours, ‘coz I’ll probably never leave :-) One that I’ve used and proved to be a big hit is smoked salmon and cucumber canapés – you grab a 1/4 inch slice of cucumber, whack on a strip of salmon on top and curl it to fit within the cucumber circle, and top with 2 or 3 baby capers, squeeze some lime juice & drizzle olive oil on it and add s&p. Yum-o. And also proscuitto, pear and rocket: cut proscuitto in half to get long slices, and chuck 1 or 2 pear slices about 2 mm wide each on top and a couple of rocket leaves and roll up to secure. These two are so easy to make and go VERY well with drinkies ;-)

    • http://casaveneracion.com/ Connie Veneracion

      Love both ideas! I’m biased toward smoked salmon though — my favorite!