12 days of Christmas: desserts


You can browse the dessert archives, here and in the main blog, and choose the desserts you want to prepare for the holiday parties and reunions. Or you can take inspiration from this list of my personal favorites. Why are these my favorites? Because my family loves them. Some of these desserts are very easy to make, some require no cooking at all while others require more patient preparation and skill. Choose whatever you feel comfortable enough to make. I promise — they are all delicious.

  • crisma

    I like them all, Connie– but pinaka tempting ang Blueberries and cream and the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

    And they all appear to be very easy to make as well as very holiday ang dating! Thanks again!

    • http://casaveneracion.com/ Connie Veneracion

      Crisma, the blueberries and cream (inspired by the British Eton Mess) is so easy to make but so, soooo good!

      Cath, actually, the idea is more of choosing one or two for every gathering you’ll have over the holidays, not make one dessert everyday from now ’till Christmas. :D

      • http://saltforvanilla.wordpress.com Cath

        Oh, of course. I couldn’t do all anyways. But thanks for the choices!

  • http://saltforvanilla.wordpress.com Cath

    Yesterday, while reading this, I was thinking, ” Ah, what a nice idea. I will try it.” Then I read this again and realize, “WHAT? I have to start today?!”

    I’ve tried your sinful flourless chocolate cake (love it, I only make during very special days).
    That custard cake reminds me of my afternoon snack treat back in college. So nostalgic.


  • crisma

    Oh, right Connie– I just saw the blueberries and cream recipe that you posted and it is really very easy. Thanks again. I will definitely be making this one.

  • gerry

    Connie, thanks for sharing ideas and pics on good food. :)